Difficulty of Finding a Solution Relevant in Today’s Technology

Electronic systems and medical apps for doctors for health record are used by one in six doctors despite the fact that there are bonuses and incentives attached to their usage. When organizations need to add or change working methods or technology, user experience will guide them in their transition. Most patients and medical officers adapt slowly to new healthcare services unless they see that there will be an increase in customer satisfaction. The best solution is to find a suitable technology that is user friendly and applicable in the work force.


Encryption Issues

Encryption is vital for an organization in case there is a breach of Public Health Information. The data that will be acquired by unauthorized users will be undecipherable, unreadable and unusable. However, for encryption to take place, the organization must use a similar operating system across the board to have effective encryption mechanisms. In addition to this problem, some service providers such as Google and Skype have access to PHI that is backed up on their servers. These providers will be responsible for the encrypted data’s integrity by signing Business Associate Agreements. However, these service providers are against that idea and will not comply.

How Healthcare Organizations Benefit from Modern Day Communications Technology

There are benefits that arise when a healthcare organization uses the correct modern technology and HIPAA compliance. Medical companies that have implemented secure texting solutions have reported an increase in the cycle of communication. This increase has also led to enhancement of productivity, improvement in patient satisfaction and streamlining of workflows. The administration sector in hospitals has been streamlined making the process of admitting and discharging patients to be faster.

hipaaThese advantages arise from features such as read receipts and delivery notifications which reduce time spent on making follow up calls and waiting for response messages from the medical professionals.

Nurses and on-call physicians use secure texting to communicate effectively when they are on the go. Documents, videos and images are shared via the secure text platform to help in the determination of accurate diagnoses.

The use of HIPAA compliance and technology can provide exceptional benefits to an organization if done in a proper manner. It is straightforward to execute the secure texting solutions because they do not require investment in new hardware. Using appropriate technology enables an organization in the healthcare industry to comply with the physical, technical and administrative requirements of HIPAA Security Act.